Text message spam is illegal, unethical and unwarranted
Let's put an end to political text spam fraud.

Take Two Steps to Stopping Unauthorized Political Text Message Spam

  • Make An official Comment Asking

    the FCC to put an end to Political Text Message Spam

    from Email to phone technology.

    Visit FCC.gov

    enter your information and follow the directions.

    That’s all you need. (You don’t need any docket or bureau number).

    Read Revolution Messaging's Official Petition to the FCC

  • Stay Informed to help

    end political text spam fraud.

    Keep Updated on this battle and get updates from Pocketspammers
    (we won't spam you but simply provide information on this battle to stop unwanted nefarious political text messages)


↓ November, 2010
After the onslaught of illegal text message spam used against Democratic congressional races of 2010, Revolution Messaging documents the practice & develops a calling tool for people to call their attorney general’s office.

↓ October, 2011
Revolution Messaging assists the Virginia Democratic Party in working to stop unwanted text message spam used as new voter suppression tactics in Virginia State Senate races.

↓ January 19, 2012
After months of research, Revolution Messaging files petition with the FCC asking that they close any loophole that allows companies to send political spam text messages and to define Internet-to-text message spam as a clear violation of the TCPA.

↓ January 25, 2012
The CTIA writes an additional letter to the FCC that asks for a public notice about political texts and robocalls.

↓ October 23, 2012
The Federal Communications Commission is now accepting comments on Revolution Messaging's petition that seeks to have political Internet-to-phone text messaging spam declared illegal.

↓ November 19, 2012
Voter Participation Center Files Comments

↓ November 20, 2012
Media Alliance files comments with the FCC.

↓ June 18, 2015
FCC Protects Consumers from Unwanted Political Text Msg Spam.

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